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SweatBotics is a registered trademarked exercise fitness training system that incorporates strength, plyometric, agility, and core training exercises while utilizing the innovative patented SWEATBOX systematically formatted into one intense workout!

SWEATBOTICS concentrates on performing exercises with precise, strict, robotic movements with an isometric pause at the top and bottom of each concentric and eccentric movement. Because of this, the body’s nervous system is required to recruit more muscles in order to stop the momentum and maintain balance. The result is increased strength, balance, coordination, and a stronger core.

SWEATBOTICS and the SWEATBOX was designed to be mobile. Want SWEATBOTICS classes outside, no problem. Workout anywhere with SWEATBOX!  

SWEATBOTICS and the SWEATBOX was created for the purpose of getting people fit. It is the real deal because it was created by professional fitness trainers through their love and passion for fitness, and seeing people's lives changed. SWEATBOTICS exist to transform lives through fitness training.


Connect with us below and let's work together to get new members coming to your location! We are here to serve, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Attention Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Gymnastic Studios, Sports Training Facilities, and Rehabiltation Centers: If you would like SWEATBOTICS in your place of business, complete the Connect Form below.  SWEATBOTICS LICENCING PACKAGES AVAILABLE!  

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