We are in the process of starting SWEATBOTICS Group Fitness Classes in the US. SWEATBOTICS is a registered trademarked new and exhilarating intense fitness circuit system that utilizes robotic type movements and incorporates the innovative patented SWEATBOX. If you are interested in joining and starting a class in your area, please complete the SWEATBOTICS FORM BELOW. The first two weeks (total of 6 sessions-3 sessions weekly) are at no cost to you. After completion of the complimentary classes, to continue attending, each member must purchase his or her choice of SweatBotics Class Passes which will be offered in various bundles.  
Attention Business Owners: We are looking for properties inside and outside to perform our fitness classes. We carry liability insurance and our trainers are certified. We are looking for places like parking lots, parking garages, large sidewalk areas, and places that have coverings or awnings. We do not pay for the space, but advertise your location to our clients and provide "shout-outs" for being a team player in bringing fitness to your community.  Furthermore, as a location provider you will be entitled to classes at no charge. If you would like to become more involved in your community and make an impact in many lives, please contact us. Below is the connection form. Thank you! 
Attention Fitness Clubs, Studios, & Gyms: If you would like SWEATBOTICS in your place of business, complete the Connect Form below.  SWEATBOTICS LICENCING PACKAGES AVAILABLE!  

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