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SWEATBOTICS is a Registered Trademarked Exercise Fitness Training System that incorporates strength, plyometric, and core training exercises along with the use of the innovative SWEATBOX, systematically formatted into one intense workout! There's nothing like it!

SWEATBOTICS Exercise Training System was created specifically for the use of the innovative, patented SWEATBOX Apparatus. It is also used for Fitness Studios, Sports Training Facilities, Gymnastic, Home Fitness and Rehabilitation Centers.         


SWEATBOTICS and the SWEATBOX was created for the purpose of getting people fit.  It is the real deal because it was created by Professional Fitness Trainers through their love and passion for fitness, and seeing people's lives changed. Many fitness companies exist only to create products and gimmicks with the purpose of making money. SWEATBOTICS exists to transform lives through fitness training.   
So if you're serious about getting fit and  healthy, and are truly looking for a life transformation, then why not choose personal trainers who have trained hundreds of clients, and who have taken their knowledge, expertise, and experience, and have developed their own training fitness tool (SweatBox) and combined it with their own training program (SweatBotics). This is what sets them apart.  

SWEATBOTICS empowers people to get fit by creating an environment of instruction, anticipation, and motivation through scientific based exercise training, systematically formatted into one intense workout.




SWEATBOTICS concentrates on performing exercises with precise, strict, robotic movements with an isometric pause at the top and bottom of each concentric and eccentric movement. Because of this, the body’s nervous system is required to recruit more muscles in order to stop the momentum and maintain balance. The result is increased strength, balance, coordination, and a stronger core.




  • It utilizes the unique patented SWEATBOX apparatus which allows the user to perform resistance, plyometric, core, and cardio training exercises all on one simple piece of equipment without the need for any other equipment.

  • The unique design of SWEATBOX and the intensity of the workout provides the user a full-body workout that is accomplished in a 20 -30 minute time frame.

  • SWEATBOTICS provides the user a format that builds muscle, strengthens the core, conditions the cardiovascular system, and improves balance and coordination in every workout.

  • Due to the format and robotic movements of SWEATBOTICS, every exercise performed targets the core, the muscles that are associated with the Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex.

  • The SWEATBOX apparatus provides a focus point for performing hundreds of exercises which creates an environment of anticipation, enthusiasm, and motivation.

  • Because of the unique design of SWEATBOX and the SWEATBOTICS Fitness Program, it creates a new exciting fitness experience for the user. There's nothing like it!

  • Because Sweatbotics focuses on performing each exercise with strict "perfect" form, the muscles groups that are targeted, actually get worked resulting in increased strength. 

  • Due to the strict nature and focus of SWEATBOTICS, less injuries occur during the training.    


Meet the Trainers




Steve, the creator of SweatBox/SweatBotics is a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Fitness Coach, and Life Coach who instructs clients in SweatBotics, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Weight-lifting, Athletic Competition, High-Intensity Circuit Training, and Nutrition. He creates fitness systems that educate, motivate, and instruct clients in reaching their fitness goals and full potential. Recently he was the Sports Director at an International School in South America where he coached teams in the areas of track and basketball. He also taught classes in fitness, nutrition, and weight-lifting.  He is a practitioner of SweatBotics, weightlifting, plyometric training, cycling, calisthenics, running, Jujitsu, and high-intensity circuit training. 

Sarah, the creator of SweatBotics holds a Master's Degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science. She is a Professional Trainer, Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Trainer/Manager and Life Coach who instructs clients in SweatBotics, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Weight-lifting, Athletic Competition, High-Intensity Circuit Training, Group Fitness Training, and Nutrition. She creates fitness systems that educate, motivate, and instruct clients in reaching their fitness goals and full potential. She is a Triathlete and a practitioner of SweatBotics, weightlifting, plyometric training, calisthenics, running, cycling, high-intensity circuit training, and wall-climbing. 



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jc on Jul 24, 2020

Love the sweatbox. You will feel the effects after the first class. Steve's class was amazing. About 30 min of non stop sweating. I see why they call it the sweatbox😂❤💯

All Around Strength Training

Jeff B. on Jul 23, 2020

The SweatBox provides an all around strength training solution for upper body, lower body, and core. Its versatility and compact design allows for easy transportation, storage, and provides a simplistic solution for an all body workout. The craftsmanship is out of this world and much care is put into the design and quality of the finished product. If you are looking for an all around challenging workout to better your overall health and get in better shape, I would suggest reaching out to the Sweatbotics team and get your own SweatBox today!!! You won’t regret it!!!


All-In-One awesomeness!

Evelyn Puisseau on Jul 22, 2020

This piece of equipment truly honors its name! From the moment I saw it, I knew right away that all I really needed to get a good workout was right in front of me. I LOVED our training session and look forward to training some more! As a Powerlifter, I'm used to challenging and heavy training, however, after just ONE training session on the Sweat Box, my body was feeling the pain yet feeling amazingly awesome in just 1/3 of the time is normally spend at the gym!! I encourage everyone to invest in their health PRONTO!!!

A flexible and fun tool for working out at home!

Doris L. on Jun 28, 2020

I love my Sweatbox! It is so flexible and East to use. The more I learn new exercises the more I realized what a great investment! Sarah has been an amazing trainer and has though me who to go beyond my expectations with the Sweatbox.

Versatile Fitness Tool

Jerry Cox on Jun 20, 2020

If you are looking for a piece of fitness equipment that allows you to do thousands of exercises, the Sweatbox what you need. As a 20 + year fitness fanatic and having a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, using the Sweatbox is helpful with all my clients. Additional, it transforms my routine workouts to bring more fun and excitement to them. This is a great tool that I can use anywhere.

It’s outside the box!

Jesse Tippett on Jun 20, 2020

I love it! It’s helped a great deal with strength and muscle gains. The sweat box is portable and extremely versatile. I Can store it in my home gym between workouts and it doesn’t take up much space. Using the sweat box significantly increases my arsenal of exercise options and I am learning several new ones every week!

Excellent workout platform

Stephanie Walls on Jun 20, 2020

This Sweatbox is AMAZING!! As someone with an injury trying to strengthen muscles, this workout platform offers the ability to perform numerous strengthening exercises as well as perform cardio exercises using the step incline. I've never had something so compact and simple to use, offer the multiple opportunities in exercises that this Sweatbox offers. This was the BEST INVESTMENT I ever made in my health and fitness! Thank you Sweatbox team!

Thank you for providing the review. Our personal trainers has been using the SweatBox for the purpose of training their clients and now we are offering this unique fitness tool to the public. Thanks again as this will help get the word out and provide confidence to the consumer.

- SweatBotics Fitness

Sweatbox review

Samuel on Jun 18, 2020

The sweatbox has been great to use; I workout on it all the time and it is fun and easy to use. It leaves lots of creativity in all the different positions.

We are in the process of starting SWEATBOTICS Group Fitness Classes in the US. SWEATBOTICS is a registered trademarked new and exhilarating intense fitness circuit system that utilizes robotic type movements and incorporates the innovative patented SWEATBOX. If you are interested in joining and starting a class in your area, please complete the SWEATBOTICS FORM. The first two weeks (total of 6 sessions-3 sessions weekly) are at no cost to you. After completion of the complimentary classes, to continue attending, each member must purchase his or her choice of SweatBotics Class Passes which will be offered in various bundles. (Home or Outside Group Training) 
Attention Business Owners: We are looking for properties inside or outside to perform our fitness classes. We carry liability insurance and our trainers are certified. We are looking for places like parking lots, parking garages, large sidewalk areas, and places that have coverings or awnings. We do not pay for the space, but advertise your location to our clients and provide "shout-outs" for being a team player in bringing fitness to your community.  Furthermore, as a location provider you will be entitled to classes at no charge. If you would like to become more involved in your community and make an impact in many lives, please contact us. Click here for the connection form.  
Attention Fitness Clubs, Studios, & Gyms: If you would like SWEATBOTICS in your place of business, complete the Connect Form. SWEATBOTICS LICENCING PACKAGES AVAILABLE!